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The secret is creativity


No, not the artsy kind of creativity—the kind of creativity that each of us possesses in our minds


I’m here to show you how your innate creativity can generate unlimited income through your solopreneur business

Terry Pappy

Why creativity is your key to income

In 2006 I started my creative marketing firm, Better3, and in working with clients over the years I’ve noticed a very interesting pattern: when a solopreneur sees their future more clearly, they realize that future faster.

Let’s unpack that for a minute.

The mind has incredible power to create. When the mind creates a vision and believes in that vision, that vision (or something better) comes into reality. However, this works two ways for solopreneurs: you can see, believe and realize your success and fabulous income OR you can want your success, doubt its reality and end up pretty much where you are right now—or worse.

So what’s the secret to seeing? To believing? What’s the proven formula that will inspire you to break through your blocks and realize the life you’ve always dreamed of having—or even something bigger?

It’s not what you think. It’s not woo-woo, airy fairy thinking that makes it real for you. It’s a very simple, science-based step-by-step process that shifts what’s in your mind and makes what you want a reality.

And I can show you how. I’ve done this in my life and have coached solopreneur business owners to do it in theirs. This is my talent, my experience and my spunk packaged up and ready to help you make it happen.

Your business. Your income. Your dream.

Let’s make it real for you.


Enliven your inner creative and make your business a rock star


Every genius solopreneur I have the pleasure of coaching has the potential to not just achieve their biggest business goals, but to amaze themselves by what they can create.


Let’s uncover together what you can create

Terry Pappy

I believe in your potential

But where are you on the spectrum of believing in your potential? Are you spending a lot of time focused on what isn’t working? Redesigning your website? Installing a different sales funnel? Rebranding for the third time? Signing up for another online course?

Trying a new marketing tactic, hiring expensive help, going to networking events or stalking people on social media is not going to get you where you need to be. Yes, action is required to prove that you want your future reality, but it has to be the right action.

Right action is inspired by creativity

I’ve learned this lesson the hard way in my business. I’m trying to save you the aggravation of wrestling with it like I did and get it done faster and more elegantly.

You will be amazed at what you can create through your business. Not just more income and more clients, but the deepest and most fulfilling satisfaction from using your natural gifts to make the world a better place.

The choice is yours—you can continue struggling in your business, making hard progress toward the next incremental level of income or you can take a bold step into your power and REALIZE the future you want—and more.

Why don’t we get on a call and I can tell you how?


Creativity precedes success

The more you believe in your amazing future self, the closer you get to realizing it.

If your amazing future self is a sure thing, in its fullest most complete form with the income, freedom and satisfaction you want,

what are you waiting for?


Client testimonials


Connie Steffon

Terry has done such an amazing job of turning my business around! The results are like flipping a switch from off to on! My thoughts are always sporadic and broad and Terry is able to funnel me in and get me focused on what needs to be done. Strategic and to the point with quick results. Creating a platform with room for growth.

Connie Steffon, Owner, Steffon Vitality


In the course of developing my professional speaking opportunities, I met and had several conversations with Terry. She attended two of my keynotes and provided much-needed feedback that helped me improve my presentation's delivery and impact. I hired her for strategic clarity, and the result has helped me know what I need to do to balance my law practice with my growing speaking business. What I appreciate most about Terry is her sincerity and unique ability to intuitively tap into the passion I have to help people have more happiness. That is a rare quality, and I highly recommend you work with Terry to experience this for yourself. She's a powerhouse of wisdom, honesty and is a pleasure to work with.

Mark Eiglarsh, Trial Attorney and Founder, Offices of Mark Eiglarsh